Ong Seong Wu Receives Praise From Producers For His Acting In “At Eighteen”

“He gave us 100/100.”

Ong Seong Wu‘s new K-Drama At Eighteen has premiered and fans are simply thrilled. Some viewers remained skeptical about Ong Seong Wu’s ability to act on screen until the very last minute, but such doubt has been washed away with the first two episodes.


In an interview with TV Report, producer Oh Hwan Min, who is the chief producer of At Eighteen, praised Ong Seong Wu for his stable acting skills after the show’s premiere. Producer Oh was the one to have trusted Ong Seong Wu from the very beginning – and he was proud to have done so!

I’ve always thought Ong Seong Wu for the role of Choi Jun Woo. I actually saw a short 15-minute clip that Ong Seong Wu featured in – and since then I’ve known he had something in him. I picked up on the energy that Ong Seong Wu had to offer.

— Oh Hwan Min


The producer pointed out that he and Ong Seong Wu both did have concerns about the prejudice against K-Pop idols acting. In fact, Ong Seong Wu approached the producer first and asked if his acting was acceptable. The producer shared his belief in Ong Seong Wu’s potential to continue growing into a successful actor in the industry.

Ong Seong Wu worried about how K-Pop idols are often labeled to be horrible actors. He asked me what I thought about his acting, as soon as we held the press conference for the show. I honestly think he did well. I liked the show. I told him he probably won’t face any criticism about his acting and I thanked him for working hard.

— Oh Hwan Min


Ong Seong Wu charmed not only the chief producer, but also the viewers with his acting in the first two episodes of the show. Both the chief producer and the viewers give Ong Seong Wu 100/100 for acting!

The production staff would have been happy with 50/100 from Ong Seong Wu. But he gave us 100/100.

— Oh Hwan Min


Fans are now eagerly looking forward to the upcoming episodes that will reveal more of Ong Seong Wu’s character. Here’s a trailer for episode 3:

Source: TV Report