Ong Seong Wu Was Spotted At A Wedding And Looked Too Good To Be True

What a dapper man.

Ong Seong Wu has always been described as breathtakingly handsome. His most recent sighting, however, really topped it all. Ong Seong Wu was spotted attending a wedding, in a full charcoal-colored suit, and he was definitely more dapper than ever!


Fans who were able to catch a glimpse of Ong Seong Wu immediately began tweeting a short clip of him walking into the crowd at the wedding hall. In this clip, Ong Seong Wu looked like he’s from a different dimension and breathes special air.


From his chiseled jawline to his tall and lean build, Ong Seong Wu looked like a prince who jumped out of a Disney movie. He even made time to snap pictures with some fans who were also attending the wedding as guests. And with that, netizens can’t quite grasp how Ong Seong Wu continues to become more handsome every day!


The wedding was reported to be of a manager from his agency. While Ong Seong Wu was not the only celebrity at the wedding, he was definitely an eye catcher.


Now Ong Seong Wu’s fans are demanding that he features in a K-Drama or even a romantic comedy movie, where Ong Seong Wu takes on a role of a professional business man. With a face like his, Ong Seong Wu is bound to be a top selling cast!

Source: THEQOO
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