Ong Seongwu Reveals What It Feels Like To See His Face In The Mirror

How would you feel?

Ong Seongwu revealed what it feels like to see his face in the mirror every day after Ha Sungwoon asked him the question.

On May 2, Ong Seongwu shared a few selfies on his Instagram with a cute play on words in the caption.

Yesterday I was kkanong (bangs up + ong), today I’m deopong (bangs down + ong).


Mesmerized by Ong Seongwu’s sheer beauty like everyone else, fellow former Wanna One member Ha Sungwoon commented below, “I’m envious…I wonder how it would feel to look in the mirror…”


Ong Seongwu replied, “It feels pretty good?” making everyone laugh at their adorable conversation.


Both Ong Seongwu and Ha Sungwoon are too cute!


Source: Dispatch

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