Ong Sungwoo And Kim Hyang Gi Have People Going Crazy Over Their Visually Beautiful Chemistry On “At Eighteen”

This is one powerful couple, both in visual and talent!

Ong Sungwoo and Kim Hyang Gi are currently starring in a drama together, titled At Eighteen.


Ong Sungwoo plays the role of Choi Joon Woo, an 18-year-old student who often feels lonely and is not good at expressing his emotions. He transfers to a school where he meet Yoo Soo Bin, played by Kim Hyang Gi. Yoo Soo Bin is a top student who longs for freedom from her controlling mother.


The drama tells the story of how they both change each other’s lives as they learn to grow up from being teenagers.


As the drama continues to rise in ratings, netizens have taken to multiple forums to rave about Ong Sungwoo and Kim Hyang Gi’s chemistry!


They claim that the pair are as visually impactful…


… as they fit each other well with their talented acting skills!


The forums flooded with comments that praised both of their synergies as they fit each other perfectly!


As the drama continues to show some of the most beautiful scenes together, fans created multiple gifs from their favorite scenes.


And whether it’s a bright fun scene between the two or a dark and emotional one, the two actors leave the audience at a loss for words.


Here’s to more beautiful chemistry between Ong Sungwoo and Kim Hyang Gi as their drama continues!


At Eighteen airs every Monday and Tuesday on JTBC!

Source: Nate Pann