Ong Seongwu Reaches Top Of The Real-Time Search Rankings With 2-Minute Interview

Viewers were mesmerized by his visuals.

Actor and singer Ong Seongwu has mesmerized viewers with a 2-minute long interview.

On July 16th, Access Showbiz Tonight revealed the interview they held with Ong Seongwu at the site of his commercial filming.


Ong Seongwu began his interview with full energy by snapping the clapperboard himself.


When asked about the reason for his popularity in the world of advertisement, he responded in a humble way. In fact, Ong Seongwu has been receiving numerous love calls for various advertisements.

I think it could be because I’ve shown numerous aspects of myself.

ㅡ Ong Sungwoo


The advertisement he was filming on this day was for a cosmetic brand. He showed off his signature charisma in a simple white shirt and jeans.


One of Ong Seongwu’s nicknames is Ongvid (Ong Sungwoo + David) and his visuals proved why fans had given him this nickname!


And while his interview lasted only 2 minutes, he rapidly rose to the top of the real-time search rankings and proved his popularity.


Meanwhile, Ong Seongwu’s new drama At Eighteen is set to begin airing on July 22nd so stay tuned!


Check out his interview below!

Source: Naver TV