The BL Drama Starring An Entire Fourth-Generation Group Releases A Spicy New Teaser

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Korean BL dramas (also known as Boy Love dramas) have gained popularity with fans worldwide. As the genre has become more common, more K-Pop stars have been cast in lead roles.

Semantic Error and Kissable Lips are just some of the many series that have added idols to their cast.

Kissable Lips stars ZEROBASEONE’s Jiwoong and solo artist Yoon Seobin
Semantic Error stars Park Seoham and DKZ’s Park Jaechan | Watcha

Following Semantic Error‘s massive success, many wondered what would be the next BL webtoons to be adapted into a drama. In 2022, it was announced that RK Studios would adapt the series Bump Up Business into a web series.

Bump Up Business is about a trainee named Eden who is given the chance to debut in a duo with Jihoon, an industry veteran who has fallen out of favor due to scandals. To gain popularity, the two are expected to do a “business gay performance,” i.e., engaging in fanservice and skinship, but feelings and other stars complicate things.

| RK Studio

Given its background, it’s no surprise that idols would be the perfect people to be cast in this drama. So, it was no surprise when it was announced that all of the members of the boy group OnlyOneOf would be acting in the series!

OnlyOneOf | 8DCreative

Many feel OnlyOneOf were the perfect choice for this drama as their undergrOund idOl project was praised for its LGBTQIA+ representation. In particular, many netizens were moved by Yoojung’s message below the video for his solo single.

Among the countless lovers in the world, there are also lovers that couldn’t be blessed. For whatever reasons. Religious reasons, things like parents’ disapproval. I dedicate this song to all those lovers that couldn’t be blessed.


Members Nine and Mill will star as the main characters, while the other members will fill other roles. Teaser images for the drama have been released already, one showing Nine and Mill facing away from each other while the other shows them in a much more suggestive positioning.

(left to right) Nine and Mill | 8DCreative
| 8DCreative

Bump Up Business is set to air on September 15 in Japan, with an international release planned sometime in October.

| 8DCreative

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