OnlyOneOf Go Viral After Helping A LGBTQ+ Fan Propose In The Middle Of Their Show

One of the members spoiled the proposal before it happened!

K-Pop boy group OnlyOneOf recently attracted attention for going above and beyond to help a fan propose during a show!

OnlyOneOf | @OnlyOneOf_twt/Twitter

OnlyOneOf are currently on their first-ever United States tour, GRAND AMERICA. So far, the group has impressed fans with amazing live performances of their most popular songs.

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On April 4, the group continued their tour in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the viral moment happened. According to Twitter user @jungleosbian, the person who proposed, the group were shown a note during the pre-show hi-touch that asked if they could help with their proposal.

The proposal was planned for after the group performed “Begin,” According to @jungleosbian, KB was enthusiastic in confirming that he would help! So enthusiastic that he accidentally spoiled the proposal by announcing it would happen.

After being given a microphone for the proposal, @jungleosbian successfully proposed to their significant other as both the audience and OnlyOneOf watched. In true American concert form, fans began cheering and chanting afterward as OnlyOneOf showed their happiness and excitement for the couple.

The couple expressed their gratitude towards the group online as other fans congratulated them.

As the moment spread, online users couldn’t help but show their appreciation toward OnlyOneOf for creating a safe space for the proposal to happen. Many say that this historic first has made them feel even safer in their support of the group.

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Correction: A previous version stated that the concert took place in Michigan instead of Minnesota.

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