OnlyOneOf’s Love & Nine Shock Viewers With Ending Fairy Kiss

“LibidO” has been surprising viewers since its first performance.

During a recent performance on M Countdown, OnlyOneOf members Love and Nine had viewers in disbelief with a kiss live on stage.

The second track from Instinct Part 1, “libido” has been attracting attention from its very first stage earlier in April. The provocative song is based on Sigmund Freud’s theories on the impulsive minds of males and how boys try to suppress them. So, it may come as little surprise that one section of the choreography is particularly racy.

Towards the end of the song, main vocalist Love and maknae Nine perform a couple dance in which they caress each other suggestively. While fans were shocked to see such an intimate routine on stage, the surprises haven’t stopped there.

During the group’s latest performance on M Countdown, Love and Nine stunned viewers with an unexpected ending fairy moment. The close-up started off like any other, which Love showing off his handsome visuals…

… until Nine showed up to spice things up.

At first, Love was just as shocked as fans.

But he soon burst into giggles at the surprising addition to his ending shot.

Unsurprisingly, OnlyOneOf fans and non-fan viewers alike couldn’t believe their eyes after watching the performance. While some have criticized the group for their use of shock value, others have defended Love and Nine, comparing the kiss to common idol activities like the Pepero game.