[★OP:ED] LE: EXID’s Hidden Gem

In the male-dominated world of rap, exceptional female rappers are few and far between. EXID’s main rapper LE, however, is one of these golden rarities with an amazing ability to deliver her rap verses with style and elegance.

Aside from being visually breathtaking, 23-year-old LE has proven time and time again that her capabilities as a rapper far exceed all expectations.

Debuting in 2011 as a member of the underground rap group Jiggy Fellaz (under the stage name “Elly”) and even starring in a music video alongside this group, we see LE delivering a performance of the highest standard.

Watch a pre-EXID LE perform “Jiggy Get Down” with Jiggy Fellaz here:

Note: This video contains excessive amounts of coarse language

However, it is not until her debut with EXID that LE shows us her true versatility in adapting her rapping to compliment the more effeminate pop-music style of the 5-piece girl group. Her verses are always outstanding, and this is even apparent in the group’s debut song “WHOZ THAT GIRL” back in 2012.

In the same year, LE captivated us with her spellbinding vocals in “Every Night” even despite the calmer, more serious nature of the song. Although rap tends to be more appropriate in harsher, grittier songs within the hip-hop genre, LE mesmerizes listeners and immerses them into the mood of the song right from the start and truly adds another dimension to the female rap scene.

Even with such a strong start, LE has continued to improve and impress with her unique vocal style.  She steals the show in the group’s most popular song to date “Up & Down,” receiving a lot of love in the YouTube comments for her colorful, sassy performance.

LE’s talents as an individual haven’t gone entirely unnoticed, as she has partaken in collaborations with numerous other notable artists including Hyuna, K.Will, and T-ARA.

She has only just begun to dazzle us with what she can do, and there’s no telling what the future holds for such a promising young talent. Having just released a new music video for “Ah Yeah” with EXID two weeks ago and being credited for writing five of the eight tracks on their latest mini-album, we can only hope she keeps up the marvelous work and even motivates other aspiring female rappers in a field so lacking in female presence.

Watch EXID’s latest music video for “Ah Yeah” here:

Source: My Daily