[★OP-ED] Megan Lee: Should she have waited?

An op-ed from My Daily lays out certain drawbacks of Megan Lee’s timing in bringing up the issues with her agency. Megan Lee soon filed a lawsuit to nullify her contract with Soulshop Entertainment on these grounds and Soulshop quickly retaliated. But should she have waited?

Megan Lee and Soulshop Entertainment‘s legal dispute started when Megan Lee claimed that the terms of her contract were unfair and that there were unwanted pressures when choosing her direction of activities.

Megan Lee also claimed, on top of all that, that ever since Kim Ae Ri, the wife of Kim Tae Woo, stepped in as the management director and her mother as chief of headquarters, Megan had suffered from verbal assault and unfair treatment. Soulshop denied all such accusations and the situation now seems more hostile between the two parties.

It is too early to say who is speaking the truth. The timing of Megan Lee’s choice, however, can be viewed regrettable. Due to her choice, not only did Soulshop suffer, but the musical All Shook Up, which had nothing to do with their conflict, is also suffering as result.

Megan Lee, despite being a rookie recruited by Kim Tae Woo himself, was supposed to already make her musical theatre debut through All Shook Up. Of course her musical talents played a big role in her casting, but it is undeniable that Soulshop had a positive influence in it as well. Whatever the case may be, the All Shook Up team has been practicing to put on the best show they can.

Megan Lee’s sudden dispute with Soulshop however, presented All Shook Up with a huge problem. They had already practiced for so long, and the teamwork they had all built together was suddenly left with a gaping hole. Choi Soo Jin, who had been a double cast along with Megan Lee for the role of Loraine Heart, suddenly became a solo cast and was left with a schedule that is hard to keep up as an individual.

All Shook Up officially expressed their stance on the matter. The producers of the musical stated that they had already suffered numerous times because Megan Lee excused herself from practices. According to the company, the one sided notification of absence from Megan Lee, especially 3 days before the opening of the show, left everyone unimaginably shaken. They also stated that they are considering consulting the law with this matter.

All this makes the timing of Megan Lee’s lawsuit very unfortunate. Even if she had been unfairly treated, she could have completed her duties as a professional singer and musical actress. This would have helped her case to her convenience as well. She not only caused damage to her company, but also to others including the All Shook Up musical team and the audience who would have been looking forward to the show. Such actions are deemed unprofessional and unforgivable no matter what the instigation may have been.

Megan Lee also stated that she took part in the musical All Shook Up auditions because of the pressure from the company. This statement in itself not only is making a fool of the musical, but also completely burning any bridges she may have had with the staff and everyone involved with the musical.

The production company retaliated by releasing previously unseen footage of Megan Lee enthusiastically partaking in the auditions. This shows that Megan Lee had caused more harm than good for herself by turning her back completely against the people who had provided her a new stage of activities.

Megan Lee probably made her choice because it was important for her career and life as well. I do not wish to criticize her for making that choice. Her timing, however, leaves much regret. The audience who had been looking forward to an amazing performances at All Shook Up most likely share this regret as well.

If despite all of this, Megan Lee had to make her move when she did, I hope the best for the girl who had smiled brightly for her dreams–the same girl who had filled me with expectations and hope with her skills and potential.

Source: My Daily