Canadian Singer Grimes Hints at LOONA Collaboration

Orbits, stay tuned.

Orbits may recognise Grimes from her feature on LOONA yyxy‘s song, “love4eva”, which has been featured on publications like Billboard and Pitchfork.

The critically acclaimed Canadian musician has since hinted at a second LOONA collaboration through her instagram account.

Grimes further commented on the collaboration in the comments.

Since the collaboration in 2018, LOONA has gone on to release their debut single, “Hi High”, and a new single, “Butterfly”. With the success of “love4eva”, Orbits are definitely looking forward to LOONA’s first feature. This collaboration could hint at a foray into international audiences for the girl group.

This isn’t the first time a collaboration with has been teased. In January, songwriting and producing duo LDN Noise tweeted out their intention to collaborate with LOONA.

The UK-based duo is behind some of the hits by SM Entertainment’s EXO and Red Velvet.

Check out LOONA’s collaboration with Grimes here.

Source: Youtube