1st generation K-Pop girl group S.E.S confirms reunion after 14 years

Hailed as the original K-Pop girl group, S.E.S has confirmed their official reunion after recently meeting up with SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man.

Consisted of members Shoo, Eugene, and Bada, the trio debuted in 1997 under SM Entertainment, and became known as the first successful K-Pop girl group. They released various tracks, including “I’m Your Girl,” “Dreams Come True,” “Be Natural,” and more, most of which continues to be performed by current idols. After five years together, S.E.S decided to disband in 2002 after unable to reach an agreement on contract renewal with their agency.

As individuals, the group members has continued their activities solo with varying success. At one point, each of them has pursued a solo career on stage, as well as worked in the musical industry with Bada unarguably reaching the most success in that area. Eugene also became a television actress, becoming recognized through her successful dramas.

After 20 years since their debut, S.E.S will finally be making a comeback as a trio.

On October 3rd, Bada made an exciting announcement on her Instagram, revealing they will be reuniting with an album release in 2017.

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“Hello~!!! To all ‘Friend’ (S.E.S fandom name). You’ve been waiting for S.E.S a long time, haven’t you? ^^ We’ve also missed everyone~ ??? Hello. We are S.E.S Bada, Eugene, and Shoo!!! It’s been a really long time since we’ve used those greetings. Now all of the members have assembled~ I think it was better if we told you in this post ourselves ^___^. Next year is S.E.S’s 20th debut anniversary!!! For our 20th anniversary, we want to meet with ‘Friends’ to create a meaningful time together.”

Bada continues to thank fans who have continued to cheer them on, writing, “Thank you to all those who continued to sincerely cheer us on ^^,” revealing they have recently spoken and met with Lee Soo Man in order to plan their 20th debut anniversary event and reunion.

“There is still a lot of things to plan, but I’ll let you know the good news as soon as its ready. To our ‘Friends,’ please continue to be patient ^^ Thank you for cheering us on always!?.”

we are ♡SES♡?☝?✌??

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