Original writer of “Hyde, Jekyll and I” accuses “Kill Me, Heal Me” of plagiarism

Lee Choong Ho, the original writer for SBS drama Hyde, Jekyll and I, accused MBC drama Kill Me, Heal Me as stealing his story.

Hyde, Jekyll and I and Kill Me, Heal Me have been noted for their similarity in that both feature main characters suffering from a multiple personality disorder.

Webtoon writer, Lee Choong Ho, tweeted on January 20th with a link to an article about Ji Sung saying, “Well… you look very dignified, so I guess you still don’t know. I’ll let you know soon. The fact that you’re in a drama that was stolen.”

He linked to an article that stated that both dramas focused on the fact that the male leads suffer from multiple personality disorder and stated that, “The concept of a woman falling in love with the personality of a man (Hyde) who suffers from a personality disorder and the interpretation of such a concept as a romantic comedy began in 2011 from my work ‘Dr. Jekyll is Mr. Hyde.’ Don’t try to make excuses, it’s simply theft of an idea.”

Meanwhile, Pan Entertainment, the production company of Kill Me, Heal Me, responded that, “Such a statement does not even merit a response.”

The personnel continued and said, “The first and second part of the script for ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ were completed a long time ago and we only found out about Lee Choong-Ho’s webtoon only after they casted Hyun Bin. We have evidence to prove this as well.”

Also stated, “Our drama was launched January last year. We only realized a webtoon on a similar topic existed when we heard that ‘Hyde, Jekyll and I’ was being made last autumn. I don’t think this problem merits a response.”

Source: eDaily and TV Report