P Nation Releases Official Statement Regarding HyunA’s Bullying Accusations

Both HyunA and the agency have denied the rumors.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of bullying that may disturb some readers.

Recently, singer HyunA was swept up in bullying accusations by an alleged victim who claimed that they were bullied and hit by HyunA during elementary school.

| @OfficialPNation/Twitter

After seeing these allegations, HyunA took to her personal Instagram to reveal her thoughts about the situation and deny the rumors.

P Nation also released an official statement regarding the accusations.

| P Nation

Hello this is P Nation. We are here to inform you that all the rumors and accusations going around the internet about HyunA are false. HyunA started working in the industry at eight years old and received much attention from people from a young age. There were many restrictions that didn’t allow her to have a normal school life, and because of this she experienced many hardships. From her childhood days to debut to even now, there have been many false rumors and accusations being spread, but because of the overwhelming love she received from fans, she felt that she had to carry the burden herself.

However, we want to clearly state our position in order to prevent our artists from being damaged due to the rumors and suspicious that is not based on accurate facts.

We would like to reiterate that HyunA has never committed violence or harmed anyone and that the allegations raised are not true. In the future, we will respond with firm actions against the spread of rumors that are far from the truth.

We thank fans who have loved and cherished HyunA and we will make every effort to do our best in return for the support and trust. Thank you.

⁠— P Nation


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