Here Is What We Know About P NATION’s Upcoming Boy Group, The New Six

Are you excited for PSY’s new boy group?

Earlier today, PSY‘s label P NATION posted a tweet announcing the debut date and name of its upcoming boy group!

Formed by the SBS audition program LOUD, this new group, whose name is The New Six, is set to debut on May 17 at 6PM KST/5AM EST.

Although they were originally going to debut with seven members, the youngest trainee, Tanaka Koki, will remain as a P NATION trainee for now, likely due to his age.

The remaining six members are between the ages of 16 and 19, and this is what we know about each of them so far!

The leader of the group is Choi Taehun.

He was born in Incheon on November 19, 2002 — making him a Scorpio — and his MBTI type is ESFJ. He’s a former trainee of The Black Label, and is a fan of EXO (especially Baekhyun) — he even sang their song “Baby Don’t Cry” for his casting performance! He enjoys western food, watching Netflix, and traveling, and his favorite color is cobalt blue.

The oldest member of the group is Woo Kyungjun.

Kyungjun (English name Justin Woo) was born in South Korea on August 30, 2002 — making him a Leo — and his MBTI type is ISFP. He lived in Australia for 10 years, and while there, he had dreams of becoming a surgeon when he was older. However, when he returned to South Korea, he was street casted and decided he wanted to become an idol instead!

The next member of the group is Jang Hyunsoo.

He was born on September 16, 2003 — making him a Virgo — and his MBTI type is ENFP. He wasn’t casted during his first performances on LOUD, but PSY chose to save him from elimination during the 11th episode. According to one of his profiles, he has an interest in agriculture, and his favorite colors are black and white.

The fourth member of The New Six is Cheon Junhyeok.

Junhyeok was born on September 20, 2004 — making him a Virgo — and his MBTI type is ENFJ. While he grew up mostly in South Korea, he also spent a few years studying in the Philippines when he was a child! While he initially wanted to specialize in ballads, he was told by PSY that their label specializes in hip-hop, so he has changed his style to be more suitable for it. He’s also a big fan of G-Dragon, and his favorite song by him is “Who You?”!

Another member of the group is Eunhwi.

He was born on November 11, 2004 — making him a Scorpio — and his MBTI type is ENTP. While he was on LOUD, he actually received casting offers from both JYP Entertainment and P NATION, and he ended up going with the latter. He’s already a talented songwriter, composer, producer, and rapper, and he’s a fan of Block B.

And finally, the maknae of the group is Oh Sungjun.

Sungjun was born on August 30, 2005 — making him a Virgo — and his MBTI type is ENFP. He, too, was given casting offers by both JYP Entertainment and P NATION while on LOUD, and ended up going with P NATION as well. He enjoys practicing with nunchaku, as well as listening to music and getting into the rhythm of it. His dream is to become an artist loved by everyone.

Make sure to keep an eye out for this new boy group formed by PSY and his label!

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