P1Harmony Announces Official Fandom Name

Their fanbase finally has an official name!

FNC Entertainment‘s rookie boy group, P1Harmony, have just announced their official fandom name!

| FNC Entertainment

The group announced the name via their official Twitter on April 20: it’s P1ece (pronounced “piece”)!

This fandom name announcement comes just 6 months after their debut in October 2020. Along with the announcement, they explained why they chose P1ece to be their fandom name.

Just as small pieces come together to create a full piece, it means that the “last piece” to P1Harmony’s perfection is the fans who are indispensable.

P1ece got to hear P1Harmony call them by their fandom name for the very first time during their DISHARMONY : BREAK OUT showcase later that day!

You can check out the music video for P1Harmony’s latest comeback, “Scared,” below!

Source: Twitter