P1Harmony Improvise A Birthday Cake For Soul—Fans Wonder Why

Popeyes biscuit > cupcake?

P1Harmony‘s Soul celebrated his 18th birthday on February 1 (KST).

Soul | FNC Entertainment

P1Harmony are currently on their 2023 P1Harmony LIVE TOUR [P1ustage H : P1ONEER] in the USA. So, when Soul would have normally celebrated his birthday, he and the members were already in Atlanta, Georgia, for their latest concert.

The members held a live broadcast from their hotel room to celebrate. As expected, it was chaotic AF.

Theo even gave us a little T.J. Maxx haul! He flexed his 3-in-1 Frozen shampoo, conditioner, and body wash that he got for $2 USD!


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Yet, the moment that has stood out to many P1eces (P1Harmony fans) is the “birthday cake” prepared for Soul.

Clips of the P1Harmony members eating biscuits assumed to be from American fast-food chain restaurant Popeyes have been circulating on social media.


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Leading up to this, the members had actually arranged the biscuits in the shape of a cake. They even improvised a “candle” with the help of a mobile phone’s flashlight.


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While P1eces found the entire thing hilarious, many couldn’t help but wonder why the improvised “cake” was even necessary. Why hadn’t Soul been provided a real cake or at least something from the restaurant’s dessert menu?

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So, fans are questioning if FNC Entertainment‘s budget is “tight” while the group is on tour.

Hopefully, Soul gets a real birthday cake after the Atlanta concert since his birthday is still technically today in the U.S.!

Soul’s birthday was celebrated during the Atlanta concert. The members brought out a cake, and P1eces joined in singing “Happy Birthday” to him.

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