P1Harmony’s Intak Gets Adorably Shy When Interacting With ITZY On “Music Bank”

SF9 was also unsurprisingly part of the chaos! 😂

K-Pop idols all have extremely busy schedules, and it seems impossible for them ever to have time to interact with other artists. Luckily, music shows have meant that idols can meet up, do a TikTok or two, and have a catch-up in the midst of their promotions. Yet, sometimes it doesn’t always go to plan and can unexpectedly become chaotic.

Recently, P1Harmony member Intak went viral after an adorable interaction with ITZY during an episode of Music Bank.

P1Harmony’s Intak | @P1H_Members/Twitter

On July 22, P1Harmony appeared on an episode of Music Bank to promote their new track.

P1Harmony’s performance on “Music Bank” | KBS WORLD TV/YouTube
| KBS WORLD TV/YouTube   

On the same day, ITZY performed their new song “Sneakers” and was nominated for first place along with P1Harmony’s FNC seniors SF9. The two groups shared their pledges with fans if they won first place, and it was the battle of two amazing summer tracks,

SF9 (left) and ITZY (right) were nominated for first place | KBS WORLD TV/YouTube

At the end of the show, it was announced that ITZY had won first place, and as the confetti went off and the group was being congratulated, eagle-eyed netizens noticed Intak in the background.

The idol was holding a bunch of flowers and seemed to assume he was given them to hand to SF9.


While SF9’s Jaeyoon cutely took the flowers before giving his junior artist an adorable hug, Dawon quickly pointed out that the flowers were for ITZY, who had just won.

The two SF9 members then gently urged Intak to go and give the flowers to the girl group, and netizens couldn’t help but LOL at his reaction to the news. Intak’s eyes suddenly went wide as he started moving to the other side of the stage.


In particular, when he was behind the MCs IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung and ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon, Intak is seen with his wide eyes looking back at SF9 like he wanted some help.


Eventually, the idol got the courage to hand the flowers to the girls, who seemed very grateful and polite when accepting the gift from Intak.


Intak then rushed back to the other side of the stage where his P1Harmony members and SF9 were standing. The members were then seen gathering around Intak and saying something as he rushed back to his spot.


When the clip was released, it had hundreds of thousands of views within days. In the comments, netizens couldn’t get over the interaction and many joked that it was a very different Intak to the one who had been flirty on Weverse a few days before.

For many netizens, it is always adorable to see, and they found it even funnier because a day after, Intak was one of the P1Harmony members that did several TikTok videos with the members of ITZY.


Sometimes, music shows are a great way to make friends with other idols, but it doesn’t always go to plan, especially when it’s live and naughty seniors *ehem SF9* are there to cause some chaos! No matter what happened, it was a cute moment for netizens, and hopefully, they are all friends now.

Source: @p1harmony_world