P1Harmony’s Intak And Keeho Are Spotted At A Nightclub, Leading To Criticism…Of The Club

This is the second time an idol has been “caught” clubbing in a month.

A clip of P1Harmony‘s Intak and Keeho at a club recently went viral after being shared online.

P1Harmony’s Keeho | Line
P1Harmony’s Intak | FNC Entertainment

On April 26, a video posted to Twitter quickly caught the attention of netizens worldwide.

In the short clip, two people identified as Intak and Keeho are seen dancing in a club. The video likely picked up circulation because there are also women in the frame of the now-viral clip.

Instead of the traditional thought of nightclubs — wild and fun dancing — the clip mostly shows people standing and barely swaying back and forth. The person identified as Intak seems to be the most hype person in the club, grooving along to the song.

Just last month, a similar video of someone alleged to be TXT‘s Taehyun received similar comments about how boring the club looked. Instead of being scandalized over his possible club-going, fans were more mortified at how unexciting things looked.

Fans of P1Harmony have similar feelings, cracking jokes over the club’s inactivity and showing appreciation that the members can enjoy themselves.

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