P1Harmony Reveal Who They Think Is The Best Dancer, Singer and Rapper In The Group

They’re all secretly Soul’s fanboys!

In a video with Seventeen, P1Harmony revealed who the members think is the best dancer, singer, and rapper on the team!

When they were asked who the best dancer is, they all laughed.

They’re going to be fighting over this one!” said Keeho.

However, Keeho’s judgment wasn’t quite accurate. The group took a few moments to decide, then the majority of them voted for Soul!

I didn’t want to pick because I didn’t want to start a fight,” Keeho explained cheekily. “I’m sorry.

Keeho then also voted for Soul.

I think he’s an artist,” said Jiung, and the rest of the group agreed.

Keeho then asked Soul to elaborate on what he feels when he dances.

Soul explained that he doesn’t understand English songs very well, so he uses his emotions to perform.

To be honest, I don’t understand songs in English. I listen to them and don’t understand, but I just channel whatever feeling I have and dance. Just going with the flow.

— Soul

As for the best singer, the decision was unanimous: they all voted for Keeho!

He’s very glad!” said Intak.

Jongseob said that he liked Keeho’s riffs a lot.

The group encouraged him to sing a bit but he was too flustered!

Finally, they had to pick who they think is the best rapper in the group, so Keeho immediately started showing off his rap skills!

When it came time to the actual vote, the majority of them voted for Soul or Jongseob, while Intak voted for himself!

Intak quickly changed his mind, though, and they all picked Soul as the best rapper.

Jongseob, Intak, and Keeho then told a story about when they were working on the full version of “Breakthrough,” the intro track on their debut album.

They explained that they had to make Soul’s voice sound like a robot, and he managed perfectly! Soul then rapped part of the song, adding cute robot gestures in as well!

You can watch them cutely decide their answers to these questions and more in the video below!

Source: YouTube