P1Harmony’s Soul Joins The AI Image Trend, But Accidentally “Blackfishes” In A Now-Deleted Photo

Ai images are very popular among idols these days.

The usage of AI is something that has been hotly contested worldwide. While there are many risks and negatives to using artificial intelligence to create artwork, some netizens have used AI in ways that are more for personal enjoyment.

As of late, one of the biggest trends in Korea is to share images of oneself that have been processed through AI to create new photos. These pictures usually take one’s face and deposit it onto an artificially composited person, like these AI photos of TWICE‘s Jihyo.

AI photo shared by TWICE’s Jihyo | Dear. U Bubble
| Dear. U Bubble

Many other celebrities have also jumped on the trend, including P1Harmony‘s Soul, who shared four AI images of himself.

P1Harmony’s Soul | FNC Entertainment

Shortly after posting, however, the tweet was deleted, with no explanation given, though fans believe that can be found in one of the four images. While three images are nothing out of the ordinary, depicting Soul as a boxer, some sort of academic, and dressed in an all-denim look…

| @P1Harmony_members/X
| @P1Harmony_members/X
| @P1Harmony_members/X

…the fourth image shows Soul wearing a white tank top and durag. He is depicted with a much darker skin tone as well.

| @P1Harmony_members/X

The wearing of durags by K-Pop artists has been controversial, as they are worn to look “cool” rather than as a protective cloth. Many categorize this sort of usage as cultural appropriation, leading to apologies from some artists who have worn them.

TO1’s Chan Under Fire For Cultural Appropriation During A Recent Performance At “KCON 2022” In LA

Other artists have also been accused of “blackfishing” or making their features look as though they are black, which includes over-tanning to darken the skin.

Blackfishing is a type of interpersonal racism that depicts Black people as stereotypes and portrays Black culture as a product.

— Medical News Today

While many fans have acknowledged Soul was participating in the trend, they are still left confused as to why he would post them in the first place.