“Pachinko” Jin Ha Accused Of Taking Hidden Camera Photos Of Elderly Women And Making Sexually Harassing Comments

He had taken around 100 photos illegally.

AppleTV‘s new original, Pachinko, dropped recently and was met with great praise. Not a few days into release, one of its stars, Jin Ha, fell into controversy. The young star had originally garnered compliments for his daring outfit at the premiere. He had donned the traditional Korean costume, the hanbok. Startlingly, he had chosen to wear the female version, creating a buzz on such a public stage.

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Netizens had showered him with praise for his daring statement.

Things soon went South. On March 26, 2022, he was accused of taking hidden camera photos of elderly women. According to news outlet Herald Kyungje, he had taken about 100 pictures of elderly women in subways and public locations in South Korea. The images were taken between July 2010 and September 2011 and uploaded onto his blog under an album titled “Flowers In Bloom.”

Jin Ha’s old blog. | Herald Kyungje

Jin Ha had allegedly captioned the following photo with a comment that was deemed sexually harassing.

Photo of an elderly lady taken by Jin Ha. | Herald Kyungje

Working with such a provocative model, I found it hard to keep myself and my concupiscence under control.

— Jin Ha


Regarding other photos, he had allegedly also made captions such as “Now we have an excuse to stare directly at her right nipple” as well as “she looks like a duck,” “she looks like she could be my girlfriend on first impression” and other derogatory captions.

Neither his representatives nor AppleTV have spoken out about the matter yet. Pachinko is a drama adapted from a series of novels of the same name by Lee Min Jin. It tells a tale about the four generations of a Korean family as they struggle to navigate Korea, Japan and the United States in a complicated landscape.

Source: Herald Kyungje