PacSun Shares A First Look At Their BTS-Themed Merchandise Coming Soon

It’s coming this week!

PacSun is the latest store to be releasing original and official BTS merchandise!


PacSun is short for “Pacific Sunwear of California.” It’s an American retail clothing brand selling a variety of apparel for young adults. You can often find it in American shopping malls.

| @PacSun/Twitter

While there have been reports that PacSun would soon be carrying BTS merchandise, the company finally announced on social media today, along with the first look at some of the pieces to come. The first item is a minimalistic white hoodie…

| @PacSun/Twitter

The second is an adorable golden sweatshirt inspired by BTS’s hit “DNA.” It includes fun spacey graphics and iconic lyrics like “I want it, real love.” 

| @PacSun/Twitter

The third is a unique university/college-style hoodie. This one appears to be inspired by both “Fake Love” and BTS and Halsey‘s collaboration “Boy With Luv.”

| @PacSun/Twitter

The final sneak peek is a cool “Black Swan”-inspired graphic. Since it’s an extreme close-up, we can only suspect it’s a T-Shirt.

| @PacSun/Twitter

BTS merchandise will be available at PacSun stores come February 25. Yet, it’s not the only American store to receive BTS merch at the time.

Both Zumiez and Nordstrom have lots of choices for ARMYs too! Check them out below:

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Source: @PacSun

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