Video Of Paparazzi Allegedly Disrespecting AleXa Goes Viral As Netizens Express Outrage

“He’s being paid to take pictures of her.”

A video has gone viral of paparazzi allegedly disrespecting K-Pop solo artist AleXa.

AleXa | @alexa_zbofficial/Instagram

Recently, AleXa made history as the first-ever winner of the NBC competition show American Song Contest. 

She has since guested on The Kelly Clarkson Show and presented at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards (also known as the 2022 BBMAs).

It was at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards that the paparazzi allegedly disrespected her.

In a behind-the-scenes video of the pre-show carpet, celebrities’ photos were taken, including AleXa’s.

Paparazzi can be heard in the video from WMTV. They were complaining about an unidentified woman.

She is something else. I don’t like her conduct with us. All she is is this! I mean when it’s his thing, and she’s gotta support him, she was there, but she won’t do any of the photos. Who does she think she is?

— Paparazzi

An AleXa fan account (@lottielovegoodx) posted the video on TikTok. It went viral with 21.3K views at the time of writing.


— @lottielovegoodx/TikTok


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♬ Wonderland (From “American Song Contest”) – AleXa

Another K-Pop, K-Drama, and BL fan account Jovi Champ reposted the video too, and it went viral with 433.2K views at the time of writing. He called out the paparazzi for “disrespectful comments towards AleXa.”


#duet with @lottielovegoodx KEEP MY WIFE’S NAME OUT YOUR MOUTH! @AleXa #AleXa #WONDERLAND #AleXaOnASC #AmericanSongContest #알렉사 #kpop #kpopfyp #kpopers #kpoptiktok #kpopfypシ #kpopfan #kpopstan

♬ Wonderland (From “American Song Contest”) – AleXa

Netizens are outraged by the comments allegedly made toward AleXa. It’s being called both “disrespectful” and “unprofessional.”

| TikTok

They’re also pointing out how the remarks are absurd since paparazzi are paid to take photos of celebrities, including AleXa.

| TikTok

Additionally, AleXa is being praised for being a “pro,” as always!

| WMTV/YouTube

It’s not confirmed that the comments were about AleXa as we don’t see the paparazzi speaking. Yet, the camera is clearly recording her, and the paparazzi in question sound close enough to the camera’s mic that it is possible. Still, the comments don’t make sense.

On the other hand, AleXa recently posted photos from the 2022 Billboard Music Awards. In her caption, she thanked press photographers.

honestly living for these photos 📸💙 HUGE thank you to all the press photographers for these amazing pics

— AleXa

This wouldn’t be the first time paparazzi publicly disrespected a K-Pop idol at a U.S. event. Recently, a paparazzi made offensive remarks toward NCT‘s Johnny. Read more below:

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Watch the full video of AleXa arriving at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards red carpet below:

Source: WMTV

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