“Parasite” Surpasses 15-Year Long Record To Become Most Commercially Successful Korean Film In Japan

Another win for this incredible film!

The award-winning Korean film, Parasite, has become one of South Korea’s biggest and most successful media projects in a very long time. After winning multiple Oscars and breaking records in film, the movie has reached yet another milestone.

After becoming the first Korean film to top the Japanese box office in the last 15 years, Parasite has now officially become the most commercially successful movie in Japan in the same amount of time.

On March 8, CJ ENM announced that the film’s sales in Japan have reached over 4 billion yen, or approximately $39.6 million USD. Previous to Parasite, the record holder was the Korean film A Moment to Remember, released in 2005 and making around 3 billion yen in sales (approximately $29.4 million USD).

When it was first released in the box office on December 27, 2019, Parasite was ranked at #5 in Japan. After winning all of its numerous awards, however, the film began rising in the ranks and listed at #3 after its Academy Awards wins before eventually making it to the top of the list.

The movie is also the most successful foreign film in the United Kingdom, making around $11.1 million pounds (or $14.5 million USD) in sales between its UK release on February 7 and now. In North America, it ranks at #4 of the most popular foreign films, making $52.8 million USD. Worldwide, Parasite has made a whopping $257.3 million USD. Talk about a victory for Korean media!