Paris Hilton Compliments MOMOLAND’s Nancy On “Why Did You Come To My House”

Paris couldn’t control her smile.

Paris Hilton made a surprise guest appearance on the variety show, Why Did You Come To My House, where she couldn’t help but fawn over MOMOLAND‘s Nancy!


During their first meeting, the hosts all got up one by one to get their outfits judged by Paris.


Although Paris complimented all of them, she was exceptionally in love with Nancy’s style! She couldn’t hide her bright smile as she looked adoringly at Nancy!

So adorable. Yours is my favorite outfit.

— Paris Hilton


Nancy reciprocated the bright smile as she lit up from Paris’s compliment!


Paris also complimented Kim Heechul as “sexy” but her reaction was far from the one Nancy had received!


Is Paris Hilton a new Merry-Go-Round? It certainly looks as though she is!

Source: Osen


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