Park Bo Gum Doppelgänger Asks Haters To Stop Criticizing Him, Vows To Take Legal Action

Can you tell who’s who?

During a recent episode of Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller, a non-celebrity high schooler named Kim Min Seo revealed that he was harassed because he became famous as Park Bo Gum‘s doppelgänger.

All three are Kim Min Seo.

Min Seo revealed that he never once personally claimed that he looked like Park Bo Gum but others kept telling him that he did. And as word continued to spread, he started getting malicious comments.

L: Kim Min Seo, R: Park Bo Gum

If you look at Min Seo’s Instagram page, you may wonder if you’ve stumbled on Park Bo Gum’s personal account. But it turns out that Min Seo looks very much like Park Bo Gum in certain photo angles, while he doesn’t look as similar in real life.

Due to the difference, Min Seo revealed that he gets malicious comments calling him ugly and a scam. He even revealed that someone once hit him in the back of the head while walking down the street.

Kim Min Seo

I enjoy the attention, but they’re saying that I’m ugly… I don’t think that I’m ugly, but I wonder if it’s because I’m getting compared to [Park Bo Gum].

— Kim Min Seo

But Min Seo agrees that he takes photos in certain angles, but he explained that he takes photos in that angle because he’s self conscious of his teeth.

L: Kim Min Seo, R: Park Bo Gum

Lee Soo Geun and Seo Jang Hoon reassured the student that haters come with fame and he should ignore the malicious comments and focus on his own happiness.

How can you only receive positive attention? Don’t worry about them and focus on your studies so you can fulfill you dream of becoming a flight attendant.

— Lee Soo Geun and Seo Jang Hoon

But after the episode aired, Kim Min Seo faced more malicious comments from certain viewers. Tired of the hate, he announced that he’ll be taking legal actions against the malicious commenters.

Stop ridiculing me~~ I wasn’t in a good condition the day before, my face was bloated, and everything was crazy.

I’m going to sue all the malicious comments!

— Kim Min Seo

Kim Min Seo definitely has trait that makes him resemble Park Bo Gum, but he is handsome in his own way as Park Bo Gum is in his own way!

L: Park Bo Gum, R: Kim Min Seo
Source: Donga and Top Star News