Park Bo Gum Surprises The Internet With His Dramatic AF Physical Transformation In Recent Updates

The bulk up is truly unexpected and hot AF!

Actor Park Bo Gum has been gaining attention after his unexpected physical transformation in recent social media posts.

Actor Park Bo Gum

Of course, since making his acting debut, Park Bo Gum has been known for his dazzling visuals.

During his career, the actor has always gained attention for being handsome AF, with visuals that are compared to a prince. Whenever photos are released of Park Bo Gum, it’s not surprising that netizens can’t help but gush over his dazzling charm and looks.

| @bogummy/Instagram
| @bogummy/Instagram
| @bogummy/Instagram

Even in the K-Dramas he is in, the actor is more known for his innocent acting and charms being shown throughout his skills, including Reply 1988, Love In The Moonlight, and Record Of Youth.


Yet, while Park Bo Gum has always been known for his boy-next-door charms and visuals, it seems like the actor has shocked fans with his dramatic physical transformation.

Recently, singer Sean shared photos with the actor as he and a group of stars were seemingly training for something, as it was revealed they had done some running. Park Bo Gum could easily be seen in the photo.

Sean’s photo with Park Bo Gum and others | Wikitree

Although Park Bo Gum definitely looked handsome AF, it wasn’t what caught the attention of fans and the media. In particular, attention was drawn to Park Bo Gum’s muscular arms, shown in all their glory as he wore a white t-shirt.

Even when the actor participated in the ice bucket challenge, his defined arms could be seen as he raised his arms to drop the water.

While it’s unclear whether Park Bo Gum’s bulk-up is due to an upcoming project or the idol is just working out more, it definitely contrasts with his “Prince” visuals… not that anyone is complaining!

Source: wikitree