This Behind-The-Scenes Clip Of “Encounter” Shows Park Bo Gum’s True Character

Not only is he strikingly handsome…

“Encounter” has recently released a behind-the-scenes clip that follows Park Bo Gum and shows what his personality is like off camera.


The clip begins with Park Bo Gum lovingly introducing each of his family members in the drama.

“Let me introduce you to my father. This is my father Kim Jang Soo. My mother Joo Yeon Ja. My brother Ki Jin Myeong. And me, Kim Jin Hyuk.”


In the next scene, Park Bo Gum amps up the mood by showing off his English skills with his signature bright smile.

“Hello, everyone! This is Bogum Park.”


In another scene, Park Bo Gum discovers a magazine with his photo shoot inside and jokes around, claiming that he is a huge fan.

“I’m a big fan. He’s an artist I’m really into these days.”


And in the final clip, Bo Gum teases the directors of the drama by trying to catch them on camera. He is evidently very close with these staff members!

“Let me introduce us to those who make our drama beautiful: our film director and lighting director!”


After watching the clip, it’s obvious that Park Bo Gum gets along very well with not only the cast but with all of the staff as well including the directors. Moreover, he has an extremely positive character and often brightens up the mood of the film set with his silly jokes and bright personality! Watch the full clip below:

Source: Naver TV