Park Bo Gum Gets Caught Red Handed Flirting With Lee Hyori

Park Bo Gum acted quickly and pretended it never happened!

On the latest episode of Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast, hosts Lee Sang Soon and Lee Hyori took their employees Yoona and Park Bo Gum to dine at the couple’s favorite restaurant.

It was a special treat to bid Park Bo Gum farewell on his last day of working as a part timer at Lee Hyori’s house.


Lee Sang Soon kicked off the conversation by suggesting, “The sky brightened up completely and I think it’s because of Yoona’s good energy.”

Lee Hyori and Park Bo Gum agreed that Yoona’s amiable personality lights up wherever she goes.


Then Lee Sang Soon pointed out Park Bo Gum’s arrival in Jeju changed Lee Hyori.

“And Lee Hyori brightened up completely because Park Bo Gum came.” — Lee Sang Soon


As soon as Lee Hyori and Park Bo Gum heard this, the two began shooting finger hearts at each other.

Throughout the shoot, Lee Hyori adored Park Bo Gum for his good looks and warm personality. And of course, Park Bo Gum has been Lee Hyori’s biggest fan stating on interview that she is his ideal type of woman.


When Lee Sang Soon noticed what Lee Hyori and Park Bo Gum were doing, he completely froze sending Park Bo Gum the scairest stare! Park Bo Gum realized he was caught flirting with his forever idol and reacted in the most precious way possible.


Let’s watch that again because it’s Park Bo Gum fluttering away a heart.


Lee Sang Soon chuckled and told Park Bo Gum, “Lee Hyori wasn’t feeling all that well before you arrived. Look at her now, she’s completely fine.”


Lee Hyori thanked both Park Bo Gum and Yoona for picking up her mood and making her feel better.

“Of course Park Bo Gum made me happy, but Yoona also helped me get so much better. She took such great care of me. I guess I need at least two people to look after me. So I’m going to need to keep Yoona here forever, like the witch mom does with Rapunzel!” — Lee Hyori


You can watch the full clip here:

Source: Dispatch