Park Bo Gum’s Latest Hanbok Scene In “Record Of Youth” Shows He Really Doesn’t Age At All

10/10 visuals ❤️

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Park Bo Gum is currently starring in the K-Drama Record Of Youth, and he’s already making hearts stop with his handsome visuals—visuals which have, in fact, hardly changed since four years ago.

Remarkably, if you were to compare his looks in Love In The Moonlight and Record Of Youth, you’d be hard-pressed to spot the difference.

Love In The Moonlight

The popular drama Love In The Moonlight first aired in 2016. Park Bo Gum played the role of Crown Prince Hyomyeong, who stole the show with his pure and refreshing visuals.

Record Of Youth

In Record Of Youth, Park Bo Gum plays the role of Hye Jun, an aspiring actor. One of Hye Jun’s characters is royalty in historical Korea, similar to Park Bo Gum’s role in Love In The Moonlight.

Love In The Moonlight

If you weren’t familiar with the two dramas, you might even think these pictures came from the same one!

Record Of Youth

Four years got nothing on Park Bo Gum because he still has the same youthful visuals.

Love In The Moonlight

He needs to spill the tea on his morning and evening skincare routines.

Record Of Youth

Nobody would be surprised if he admits he ages backwards!

We imagine he’ll still look the same another four years down the line!

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Source: theqoo