Park Bo Gum Reveals He’s Never Done This In His Life But He Acts It Out Perfectly

But him acting it out on “Encounter” was spot on!

Park Bo Gum recently held an interview to reflect on the ending of his drama Encounter. During the interview, he confessed that he was supposed to act out a scene that he’s never experience in real life!


To many’s surprise, Park Bo Gum was referring to the legendary scene where his character, Jin Hyuk, gets drunk and has the cutest interaction with Song Hye Kyo’s character, Soo Hyun!


He revealed that he never got drunk before because he’s never drank alcohol. He doesn’t know what it feels like to be drunk!

“I’ve never drank alcohol before so I had to act by the script.”

— Park Bo Gum


It was hard to believe that he’s never had alcohol in his 25 years but still act the part perfectly!


Not only was Park Bo Gum great at acting drunk, he was absolutely adorable as he kept insisting to feed Song Hye Kyo a piece of dried squid!


He explained that since he has no experience, he had to study the details of the script perfectly. He was embarrassed by his performance but believes the director edited it well to look realistic.

“It wasn’t difficult because the script laid out the details on how I should act, but I was shy and embarrassed.

I don’t think I acted it out very well but the director edited it well.”

— Park Bo Gum


Park Bo Gum never fails to impress with his superb acting skills!

Source: MoneyS