Park Bo Gum Praised For Hosting Skills At 2018 MAMA In Japan

“Let’s give the Best MC award to Park Bo Gum.”

Park Bo Gum is being praised for his excellent hosting skills at the 2018 MAMA FANS’ CHOICE in Japan, which was held on December 12 at the Saitama Super Arena.


As his second consecutive year hosting the event, he led the event with confidence in fluent Korean, English and even Japanese.

“It’s been a long time everyone. I am very happy to see everyone again this year. This year is MAMA’s 10th anniversary and in the center of it all was all you. That’s why we’ve chosen the title ‘FANS CHOICE in JAPAN’ that signifies everyone’s passion.”

ㅡ Park Bo Gum


On the red carpet before the actual event, Park Bo Gum expressed how he felt about hosting the MAMA event for 2 consecutive years.

“I am very thankful for being invited as a host for 2 consecutive years and I am happy to be able to see the performances of amazing artists and meet fans in Japan.”

ㅡ Park Bo Gum


When asked whether fans would be able to see him at the event again in 2019, he responded by stating that he hopes to be able to return.

“Words are powerful. I hope to return next year as well.”

ㅡ Park Bo Gum


Although the hosts typically don’t appear often on MAMA events, Park Bo Gum did a fine job in the short period of airtime without making any mistakes and hardly looking at his script.


In fact, the MAMA event was not his first time hosting a live broadcast as he was formerly an MC for KBS2’s Music Bank alongside Red Velvet’s Irene. The two had such great chemistry that fans hoped they were dating.

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Meanwhile, online community users have been praising Park Bo Gum, even suggesting that they give him an award for being the best MC.

  • “Let’s give the Best MC award to Park Bo Gum.”
  • “I see why all the broadcasting stations want to use Park Bo Gum as an MC.”
  • “His hosting skills are flawless.”
  • “He is really good at this.”


Netizens simply could not hold back their compliments towards the multi-talented actor.

  • “He did it so well and so stably~ He acts well, sings well, hosts well…what is it that he can’t do?”
  • “He was really good at hosting. I hope Bogummi continues to do the MAMA events.”
  • “It was really nice to see him not look at the script and have all his lines memorized. He kept hosting while looking directly into the camera and his Japanese and English skills were even amazing. His good looks are just an added plus.”
  • “I think he does an even better job on a big stage. I was really happy just watching him.”
Source: Osen