Park Bo Gum Reveals Why Song Joong Ki Is Like A Brother To Him

The Hallyu Star talks about his friendship with Song Joong Ki, his mindset, and what he would have done if he did not get into acting, in an interview with China Times.

Taiwanese newspaper China Times released an interview with the actor who held a fan meeting in Taiwan last month. His first words in the interview were “I’m still lacking a lot.” Park Bo Gum continued on, talking about his friendship with Song Joong Ki, who was seen crying during Park Bo Gum’s recent award speech:

“He usually buys me lots of delicious food and gives me acting advice. He sounds very wise. He is basically a brother to me.”

– Park Bo Gum

While he has experienced immense success and popularity, Park Bo Gum remains humble at heart vowing to never forget his original intentions,

“While there are many fans cheering for me now, I don’t want to forget about my original intentions [of acting], continue to be modest, and scold myself when necessary. If you smile, blessings will come, and happy opportunities will surround you.”

– Park Bo Gum

If he wasn’t on the big screen Park Bo Gum revealed that a job where he could be a teacher would be the most rewarding to him,

“If I was not an actor, I would want to be a music teacher or a Korean language teacher. A job where I can teach someone seems really good.” – Park Bo Gum

Park Bo Gum has already completed fan meetings in Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Taipei, and Tokyo. He will continue on to Bangkok and Singapore before returning to Korea for a fan meet in Seoul in March.

Source: Dispatch