Park Bo Gum And Suzy Steal The Show With Their Breathtaking Visuals At Baeksang Arts Awards 2019

“They really look like a Disney princess and prince.”

Shin Dong Yeop, Suzy and Park Bo Gum were the hosts of Baeksang Arts Awards 2019.


As the three hosts stood side by side together, netizens were completely in awe by Suzy and Park Bo Gum’s beauty!


Suzy looked like a fairytale princess come to life as she donned a baby pink ball gown beautifully decorated in intricate lace.


She kept her makeup minimalistic, keeping true to her title as the ultimate natural beauty!


Park Bo Gum, on the other hand, looked like the prince who’s ready for his happily ever after with his beautiful princess!


He strutted down the red carpet in a unique blue-hue jacket and black bowtie but his natural visuals were definitely the cherry on top!


Suzy and Park Bo Gum stood side by side throughout the whole ceremony, giving the viewers exactly what they wanted!


Netizens were in complete awe by the power visual duo, begging for them to star in a drama together or even date!


All hail the Queen and King of ultimate visuals!

Source: Nate Pann