Park Bo Gum Worries For V’s Health Because Of BTS’s Hectic Schedules

He’s concerned about his close friend, V.

Park Bo Gum recently held an interview to talk about the end of his hit drama, Encounter. In the middle of the interview, he opened up about his close friend V from BTS.


Park Bo Gum revealed that he recently met up with V for a meal. He noticed that V’s schedule is jam packed with schedules for their world tour and comeback.

“I recently met up with [V] to eat together, where we encouraged each other. He’s very busy with his tour.”

— Park Bo Gum


Park Bo Gum expressed concern for his friend’s health as he couldn’t help but wonder how exhausting his busy schedule must be.

“I can’t imagine how busy and exhausting he must be.”

— Park Bo Gum


As Park Bo Gum was recently accepted into graduate school as a musics major, he’s also considering collaborating with V for a special project!

“I should send him a love call. (Laughs)”

— Park Bo Gum


It appears Park Bo Gum is planning on releasing his very own album or debuting as a musical star!

“If given the opportunity, I want to share some good news [about my album] with everyone. Musicals too.”

— Park Bo Gum


Until then, it appears Park Bo Gum and V will continue to cheer each other on as they both share their love for music and acting!

Source: Sports Seoul