Park Bo Gum’s drama “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” hits an all-time high in viewership

KBS 2TV drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds is about to hit 20% in nationwide viewership.

The Korean drama’s recently aired episode that aired on September 6th hit its all-time rating with 19.3% recorded nationwide, according to the Nielsen Ratings. It showed an increase of 2.9% from the previous episode, allowing it to claim the #1 spot against other competing shows airing at the same time frame.

Despite starting off with only a 8.3% rating during its premiere, in just three episodes, the drama reached a viewership rating of 16% before reaching an all-time high with its fifth episode at 19.3%.

Many are looking forward to the drama breaking the 20% rating as lead actor Park Bo Gum promised fans he would hold a fan meet and greet should it reach that number.

Dramas who aired at the same time as Moonlight Drawn by Clouds were MBC’s Monster which recorded 9.4% and SBS‘s Scarlet Heart: Ryeo which recorded 5.7%.

Source: Xportnews