“Little Women” Actress Park Bo Kyung Auditioned For Roles Without Revealing Her Famous Actor Husband

“She didn’t want to be seen as my wife but as Park Bo Kyung, the actor.”

Actress Park Bo Kyung is being praised after it was revealed that she had auditioned for roles without revealing that she is married to one of Korea’s most in-demand actors.

Park Bo Kyung | Geum Kang Ilbo

Audiences of tvN’s Little Women are surely impressed with actor Park Bo Kyung. The actor plays the charismatic Ko Soo Im, a martial arts specialist and high-kicking villain.

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What audiences may not know is that the actress is actually married to a popular actor!

Park Bo Kyung (left) and Jin Seon Kyu (right) | Gukje News

Park Bo Kyung is married to actor Jin Seon Kyu. Jin Seon Kyu is known for his roles in The Outlaw, Through The Darkness, Space Sweepers, and, most recently, in Confidential Assignment 2.


Jin Seon Kyu recently was a guest on You Quiz On The Block, where he gushed about his wife.

In the episode, Yoo Jae Suk mentioned his wife’s recent performances in the hit drama Little Women.

Your wife, who plays a secretary on Little Women, is extremely charismatic.

— Yoo Jae Suk

Jin Seon Kyu then spoke candidly, explaining his wife was originally an actor when they met but took time off to focus on their new family. The actor revealed he was extremely proud to watch his wife work up the ladder and now play pivotal roles.

I don’t know how to explain how I feel. My wife had put her dreams to the side and spent eight years sacrificing for the family and our children. She started auditioning when the kids got older and worked her way up from smaller roles, and now she’s playing Go Soo Im on Little Women.

— Jin Seon Kyu

The actor stated how proud he was to watch her popularity grow.

As many people recognized me after The Outlaw, I am so proud to see  something similar happening now, with her role on Little Women.

— Jin Seon Kyu

The actor then continued gushing about his wife, stating what made him fall in love with her and the charms she possessess that he does not.

My wife’s nickname is Wasabi. She is a straight-shooter, something that I am not. In the morning, when we wake up, I ask her, ‘How did you sleep?’ and she tells me to move my face. She’s so thrilling to be with.

— Jin Seon Kyu

Jin Seon Kyu then revealed something that has fans falling in love with Park Bo Kyung even more. The actor revealed that the actress had auditioned without ever revealing that she was married to her actor husband.

She made me promise her never to reveal to anyone, even if they are judges at the audition, that she is my wife. She didn’t want to be seen as my wife but as Park Bo Kyung, the actor. So she auditioned on her own merit. Seeing how happy it made her made me even happier.

— Jin Seon Kyu

Actress Park Bo Kyung then made a cameo in the episode where she revealed that, at first, she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to reach her dreams after her long hiatus from acting.

I didn’t know that I hadn’t acted for ten years. I really didn’t know if I could still act. It was only when at auditions, I held scripts instead of children’s books that I realized I was actually acting again. I held the script for a very long time.

— Park Bo Kyung

Actor Park Bo Kyung then revealed how her children reacted to finding out that their mom’s dream was also becoming an actor.

My daughter asked me recently. Since her father is on TV often, they know he is an actor, but after seeing me, she asked, ‘Mom was your dream also becoming an actor?’ It’s been so long since anyone had asked me that. Now I can tell her, ‘Your mom’s dream is to become an actor, and she is currently working towards her dream.

— Park Bo Kyung

Something tells us her children would be very proud of their mother.

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