Park Bo Young Surprises Fans With Her Unexpected Friendship With A Third-Generation Idol

Park Bo Young uploaded pictures with the idol.

Actress Park Bo Young surprised fans by revealing her close friendship with Weki Meki‘s Choi Yoojung (also known as Yoojung).

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On April 13, Park Bo Young uploaded several photos of herself.

Park Bo Young | @boyoung0212_official/Instagram

In the pictures, Park Bo Young is seen at a cafe, playing with cats. The actress is seen with another woman whose identity is covered by her mask, however, Park Bo Young tagged the woman and revealed that she was none other than Weki Meki’s Choi Yoo Jung!

Choi Yoojung | @boyoung0212_official/Instagram

Both stars boasted their close relationship in pictures. Choi Yoo Jung can be seen wearing a brown overcoat and large framed glasses.

| @boyoung0212_official/Instagram

This wasn’t the first time that the two had taken photos together. In January 2022, the two revealed in a picture that they had gone to a museum together.

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Meanwhile, Park Bo Young recently filmed her Netflix series, Daily Dose of Sunshine. The drama revolves around a nurse who works at a psychiatric hospital.

Choi Yoo Jung recently made her solo debut with her single album Sunflower. The idol recently was cast as the lead in the upcoming ASMR drama, Sound Candy- Your Sound Fills Me Up (title translated from 소리사탕-나를 채우는 너의 소리).

Source: wikitree