Park Bogum Has A New Haircut And Nobody Knows How To Feel About It

It’s completely different from what he’s been rocking!

Back in March, netizens were talking about Park Bo Gum‘s long hair and how the style gave him a softer look. The new look was a total change-up from his normal clean-cut hairdo, but everyone just couldn’t get over how good he looked with a longer style.


Fast forward a few months and Park Bo Gum still hadn’t cut his hair into his normal style. The longer length really surprised netizens and they began to speculate that he was growing it out for a role.


But he once again surprised everyone when he showed off a completely new ‘do on Music Bank‘s 20th-anniversary episode.


The new cut is a completely different look for the talented actor and nobody quite knows how to feel about it! Some people were convinced the haircut was a big clue about an unknown new drama.

  • “Hmm… He wouldn’t have to grow his hair that long if it wasn’t for a historical drama. Or maybe he just wanted to grow it out?”

  • “Oppa, please tell me it’s for your next drama!”

  • “Is it for your next drama?”

  • “Actors seem to grow their hair for new dramas. Since he already cut his hair does that mean we’re getting one soon?”


Others weren’t overly fond of the new cut but still thought he looked good.

  • “Bogum, please cut your hair..ㅠㅠ I personally think you look better with short hair…ㅠㅠ I can’t see enough of your handsome face.”

  • “What the… It’s kind of weird but he still looks good.”

  • “It’s not bad, but personally I don’t think it’s his best style.”


But the majority of netizens just couldn’t get over how he can pull off any look and still be as handsome as ever!

  • “Whoa! How can he still manage to look handsome even with longer hair?”

  • “Don’t you think he looks so pure and beautiful?”

  • “Hmm… Strangely, that hair suits him really well!”

  • “Ah, but he’s seriously so cute.”

  • “Any hairstyle looks good on him!”

  • “I like it so much!”

  • “He looks so good. He’s just like a real prince!”

  • “His new cut is just too cute!”


Seriously though, how can he look so good no matter what style he decides to rock?

Source: Instiz