Park Bom Announces That She Has A New Music Producer

She could be coming back soon.

Park Bom has taken to social media to announce her new music producer after dropping hints for months!


She replied after Scotty Kim posted a comment on her Instagram account, saying, “Scotty, have you written on all my comments? This is my new boss and producer ladies and gentlemen.


And she also responded to Ray Yeom‘s comment on her account saying “Better get ready to move Bom-ah” by announcing he was her creative director!


Park Bom has been hinting at new music for months and mentioned her friends Scotty Kim, who is an EDM DJ and producer, and Ray Yeom, a creative director and producer, in the past while thanking them for their support.

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“My diet begins!! But can you guess what I’m listening to? @scottykim @rayyeom thanks for being with me.” — Park Bom


In May, Scotty Kim posted a picture of Park Bom, saying “friend, cheer up!”


Plus, they both uploaded videos of Park Bom singing karaoke with the hashtag “Park Bom the best“.

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And Ray Yeom posted this photo of all three of them together in Seoul last month.


Scotty Kim is a producer with a small creative agency called D-Nation and has been associated with Jay Park and Mario.


Ray Yeom is a producer who has experience working with choreographers of some huge names in music, like Rihanna, Nicky Minaj, Jennifer Lopez – and BTS.

“He is so professional, it was amazing to work with him.
(Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, BTS choreographer).” — Ray Yeom


Fans believe she’s definitely poised for a comeback and are sending some clear messages.


And have been thanking the guys for their support.

  • “We are Blackjacks READY for Park Bom comeback stage. Sir, thank you so much for you support to Our Lady Spring.”
  • “Please take care of Bom and don’t let people hurt her.”
  • “Thank you for your support.”
  • “Please take care of her!”


But are mostly just excited for her music!


The anticipation is building!