Park Bom Reveals She Asked CL To Produce One Of Her Comeback Tracks

CL responded.

Park Bom appeared on Studio Band (literal translation) where she opened up about her former 2NE1 members. When Kim Heechul asked if they all still keep in touch, she revealed that they talk to each other about music.


Park Bom’s recent duo project with Sandara Park, titled “First Snow”, was also brought up. Park Bom revealed that she asked Sandara to sing the track with her, and that Dara gladly agreed.

Bom expressed her gratitude to her long-time friend as she explained, “[Dara] went to vocal lessons and worked so hard.


Bom also surprised the studio when she revealed for the first time that she had reached out to CL to write her a song for her solo album. But she has unfortunately yet to receive a song from CL yet!

When I was preparing my solo comeback, I asked her to write me a song since she writes songs so well.

— Park Bom


When the MCs told her to send CL a scolding, Bom clarified that she wasn’t mad at all! She smiled adorably to the camera as she said, “I’m not sad about it~ Write me one next time~


She explained that CL was too busy preparing for her own solo comeback that she didn’t have the time to work on a song for Bom during the time.

It was because she was working on her own music around the same time. I didn’t know about it.

— Park Bom


Kim Heechul joked that if CL wasn’t going to give Bom a song, she could give it to him! Bom immediately shut it down, claiming CL’s songs were hers!


CL and Bom have been closer than sisters as they’ve spent a decade training and performing together as a top girl group. They have both left YG Entertainment and are now pursuing their own solo careers in music.


Will a CL x Bom collaboration be in the works soon? BLACKJACKs can only pray to the stars for such a legendary collab!


To bring back her 2NE1 vibes, Park Bom performed a solo version of their hit track “Lonely”! Check it out below:

Source: Osen