Park Bom Discusses New Music in New Forbes Interview

She plans to release three more albums.

On April 23, Forbes released an interview with Park Bom in which she detailed her plans for the rest of the year following her successful comeback with Spring in March.

Bom (right) with interviewer Tamar Herman

She spoke about how she was fearful at first, but having Dara and Brave Brothers collaborate with her on “Spring” made her reintroduction to the K-Pop world easier because it felt “similar to 2NE1“.

He had made us songs before when we were really little, and it made me feel kind of similar to 2NE1.

– Bom on working with Brave Brothers

As far as her plans for the rest of her career, Bom admitted she’s working on her new album, which Daum reported is set for May 2 and will feature MAMAMOO‘s Wheein.

Along with that album, Bom said she hopes to prepare at least two more albums this year.

I’m hoping to release about three more albums this year. I’m happy.

– Bom talking about her next projects.

Aside from blessing her fans with new music, Bom is scheduled to perform at the annual Dream Concert in Seoul on May 18.

Source: Forbes
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