Park Bom Teases A Mysterious Post With D-Nation And Brave Brothers

Fans speculate everything from a new album to 2NE1 reunion!

Park Bom has something special up her sleeve! She just uploaded a mysterious post on Instagram featuring an alarm clock showing the hour 4:44 in bright red lighting.

All she left as a clue was the caption, “? #D-Nation #BraveBrothers”.


Scotty Kim, D-Nation‘s CEO, also uploaded the same time “4:44” on his Instagram. He left a little more clue in his post with hashtags about a collaboration with Park Bom, D-Nation, and Brave Brothers!


Brave Brothers uploaded another clock with the same hour, but revealed more details that something will drop on April 4! He also hashtagged, “#DawnEmotions”.


Fans are dying to know what they have planned next! Many are speculating everything from a new album for Park Bom to a possible 4-member reunion of 2NE1!


As Park Bom, D-Nation, and Brave Brothers recently partnered up for her long-awaited comeback, “Spring”, their upcoming “4:44” collaboration will surely be a hit!