Park Bom is Preparing For Her Comeback and Plans to be Active in Korea and Overseas

Park Bom will return as early as November 2018!

Park Bom, who has found herself a new agency to call home, is finalizing her plans to return to stage and promote not only in Korea but also overseas! Fans are thrilled to hear news of Park Bom to finally pursue her career in music again.


Park Bom is preparing her solo album with a brand new entertainment agency, D-Nation Entertainment, founded by producer Scotty Kim, who has previously worked with popular artists like Kelly Clarkson and Teddy Riley, and creative director Ray Yeom, who has worked with Chris Brown and R-Kelly.

Park Bom Has Found A New Agency To Call Home

“Park Bom signed with us two months ago. You can definitely look forward to her actively promoting from now on.”

— Scotty Kim


The agency and Park Bom plan for a comeback as early as November 2018. Scotty Kim claimed, “It will be in the form of a mini-album with about 5-6 songs.” She also has an international album scheduled to be produced, for her loyal fans from all over the world.

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Scotty Kim added Park Bom is hard at work, at her new dorm in Gangnam, Seoul where she has been preparing for the comeback.


Park Bom has been, for the past few months, continuously hinting her comeback on her social media accounts.

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Fans look forward to finally hearing Park Bom sing for herself this November.

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