Park Bom Promises Fans To Continue Singing In New Update

Park Bom updated her Twitter and Instagram account, promising fans that she would continue to keep singing and be a professional singer. 

Since 2NE1’s shocking disbandment, BlackJacks have been worried about the members and their future plans. While the members have been updating their social media with small hints about their future plans, it still wasn’t made clear whether Park Bom would release new music.

Fans have constantly been tweeting Park Bom messages of support, hoping for an answer to their questions. This was answered when one such fan tweeted the question, “Professional Singer or YG Employee/Intern or Still Deciding.”

Park Bom answered the fan that she is still a Professional Singer!

She also went on her Instagram account with a super cute drawing that shows fans asking Park Bom to please continue singing. The photo was instantly flooded with thousands of adoring fans showing their gratitude for the now-disbanded 2NE1 member.

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Let’s hope that Park Bom continues to create amazing music, whether it be a solo or even possibly a collaboration with her former 2NE1 members! Who wouldn’t want to see CL, Sandara Park and Minzy back together with Park Bom on some tracks?!

Find out what the rest of the members have been up to below;