Park Bom Reveals She Got Emotional When Minzy Came To 2NE1’s 10th Year Anniversary Reunion

The 2NE1 members are sisters four-ever

Park Bom has had an incredibly busy few months after years of hiatus from the K-Pop industry. Fans have been ecstatic to see her constantly perform at festivals and have been anticipating further releases from Park Bom for the rest of the year.

She recently sat down with SBS Pop Asia’s Andy Trieu to discuss her recent comebacks as well as 2NE1’s reunion for their 10th year anniversary.

Despite the fact that 2NE1 had disbanded, BLACKJACKs still held on to some hope there would be a reunion as they knew that the girls still consider each other sisters.

With Minzy’s departure from the group in 2016, fans were unsure what this meant about her relationship with the group.

During her time in 2NE1, Minzy was on great terms with the other members, especially with her unnie Bom who often acted younger than she was!

But Minzy spoke up about being unaware that the other members had organised a farewell song with “Goodbye”, making many BLACKJACKs fear there was a rift between Minzy and the other members.

However, since then, Minzy has been spotted on numerous occasions supporting her former members, congratulating Bom on her birthday and even reunited with Dara in 2018.

But, BLACKJACKs were both shocked and ecstatic when they saw Minzy and the other three members had reunited to celebrate the 10th anniversary of 2NE1.

When asked about how she felt during the reunion, Bom specifically pointed out that Minzy’s presence made her emotional because she didn’t know if she was going to be there.

I cried when I saw them because I didn’t expect Minzy [to be] there, and Minzy was there, so I was really … I felt moved

Bom attributed this to Minzy’s current solo endeavors, as the members are now all focusing on their solo activities.

I didn’t expect that she was going to come because … I know she’s really busy with her solo songs

Regardless, the four had a wonderful reunion that was not only for BLACKJACKs but also for themselves.

When asked whether there would be a vlog about the reunion, Dara replied to fans saying that their dinner was unrecorded as they wanted to fully appreciate the time they had spent together.

We talked a lot and there was a lot of stories … It was a really happy moment, we had a good time.

Perhaps the best possible ending for the live broadcast of 2NE1’s 10th Year reunion was BLACKJACKs finally hearing Minzy sing along to “Goodbye”, promising to meet fans again some day.

During her interview, Bom reiterated that the 2NE1 members are still sisters, meaning that it is hopefully only a matter of time before the four reunite for a spectacular performance in the future.

For now, fans can appreciate the strong friendships and unbreakable bonds that have emerged from the 2NE1 experience.

Bom’s full interview with SBS PopAsia is available on YouTube, where she also discusses her future plans and gratitude towards her Australian fans.