Park Bom Reveals How She Truly Feels About 2NE1 Coming To An End

In one Instagram update, Park Bom briefly aired her thoughts about 2NE1’s last single, “Goodbye.” 

On January 20th, Bom surprised fans after posting her thoughts about 2NE1’s last single, hours after the teaser image was released. The teaser image featured a black and white photo of the members with their faces slightly blurred.

Seemingly touched by the teaser image, Bom updated her personal Instagram account with the caption, “To me… One of the most painful words in the word is… the word… good…bye…” The statement caught the attention and was showered by a number of encouraging from her fans.

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This was one of the rare occasions that Park Bom shared her thoughts on the disbandment. Although she released handwritten letters in the past, she remained elusive about her future with the group.

Recently, Dara also talked about her feelings about the disbandment on a recent filming of Talking Street. Dara’s personal Instagram accounts also depict the same sentiments.

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Back in November, YG Entertainment confirmed 2NE1’s disbandment and announced that CL and Dara resigned with the agency as solo artists. Park Bom, however, has not resigned with the agency, while Minzy moved on with Music Works.