Park Bom Becomes Emotional As She Answers Questions Regarding Seungri And YG Scandals

It was not the place or time for it, but she answered gracefully.

Park Bom opened up for questions at her “Spring” comeback showcase, where a reporter asked her about what she thought about her former label, YG Entertainment, and Seungri.


The reporter asked what she thought about YG Entertainment facing difficult times with its continuous scandals with their artists. Park Bom seemed taken aback by the question as she carefully answered that she was too busy with her own work to know what was going on with YG.

“I had a lot of work, and I only learned about the scandals recently. It’s my former label, so there’s nothing I can really say about it.”

— Park Bom


The reporter also asked for her thoughts about Seungri and his recent departure from YG and retirement from the K-Pop industry. Her voice began to waiver as she once again told the press that there was nothing for her to comment about it.

“I don’t think there’s exactly anything I can say about the matter.”

— Park Bom


Park Bom debuted under YG Entertainment in 2009 and promoted with 2NE1 until 2016. After 7 years with the company, she didn’t renew her contract and went off on her own. She finally made a comeback after leaving YG over 3 years ago.


Netizens and fans who heard the questions, criticized the reporter for being inconsiderate to Park Bom’s long awaited comeback. They deemed it was not the place or time to ask her about a sensitive matter that she had no connection to whatsoever.

Source: Newsen and Hankyung (1) and (2)