Park Bom Stuns In Her Cover Performance Of Former Labelmate Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips”

She revealed her thoughts on covering the song.

Park Bom decided to cover BIGBANG Taeyang‘s famous song, “Eyes, Nose, Lips” on Queendom and it was the cover that we’ve all been waiting for!


Park Bom belted out each note with her signature voice that’s full of emotions.


She had the help of a male dancer who perfectly portrayed the song as she sang.


Park Bom and Taeyang’s history goes way back when they were both under YG Entertainment. They collaborated on multiple tracks and performances, and they shared a close sibling bond since they’ve known each other since they were trainees.


Park Bom revealed that she chose the song after many of her fans asked her to cover it. As it is a special song, she worked extra hard in order to put on the best performance.

I don’t have members, so I didn’t have anyone to discuss [my next song] with, so I had always discussed it with my agency staff. But this time, I wanted to discuss my next song choice with my fans through social media.

As I was practicing the song, I realized it was harder than it sounds. I wanted to do better than the original so I practiced hard again and again.

— Park Bom


Although Taeyang is still serving in the military, it’s good to see an indirect reunion of these two power house vocalists!

Source: MK Sports